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Purses Are Like Friends, You Can Never Have Too Many! - Save the Girls

If you're anything like me, you love a cute handbag! Here at Simply Threads, we carry Save the Girls handbags which are stylish, practical, and give back! Save the Girls donates 10% of their profits to breast cancer research. Founder, Tami Lange, decided to make a purse that could hold your phone and other necessities after both her daughters' phones were lost and washed in the same week. Lange decided it was time to make a product that can hold the necessities and have the ability to access your phone without digging around in your purse. Behold! The Touch Screen Purse! Touch Screen Purses have a plastic see through window allowing you to talk, text, or even make a quick...

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Giving Back One Hair Tie at a Time - TELETIES

Do you hate when your hair tie rips and pulls on your hair and doesn't stay in place? TELETIES promises you won't endure these problems any longer! The founder of TELETIES had a mission to create the perfect hair tie that will also give back. Lindsay Muscato knows the struggle of a hair tie that won't stay in place, but also acknowledges the importance of non-profit organizations.  On TELETIES website, Lindsay shares the story of getting tested for the BRCA1 mutation that thankfully came back negative. BRCA1 is a gene mutation can be inherited from a parent. BRCA1 is a tumor suppressor gene that leads to the development of cancer. A tumor suppressor gene is a gene that can make a...

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Spread and Smell the LOVE! - Continue Good Candles

We LOVE Continue Good Candles. Continue Good is a local company in Kansas City that makes and sells candles with a mission! Each candle has a unique scent and encouraging message. Continue Good focuses on spreading kindness to one another! Their candles include ways you can brighten up someone's day with cute messages like, "Continue good by planning a special picnic for someone" and "Continue good by bringing a meal or pie to someone going through a hard time". Another amazing part about this company is 10% of sales are donated to Exodus Road. Exodus Road is an organization that fights against human trafficking. Exodus Road offers programs to educate communities, train in search and rescue, and utilize techniques to...

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