Handbags Are Like Friends, You Can Never Have Too Many! - Save the Girls

If you're anything like me, you love a cute handbag! Here at Simply Threads, we carry Save the Girls handbags which are stylish, practical, and give back! Save the Girls donates 10% of their profits to breast cancer research. Founder, Tami Lange, decided to make a handbag that could hold your phone and other necessities after both her daughters' phones were lost and washed in the same week.

Lange decided it was time to make a product that can hold the necessities and have the ability to access your phone without digging around in your handbag. Behold! The Touch Screen Handbag! Touch Screen Handbags have a plastic see through window allowing you to talk, text, or even make a quick post on social media! 

The plastic window on the wallets fit smartphones that are 4 inches wide and 6 and 3/4 inches tall. The Touch Screen Handbags can hold multiple credit cards and has pockets for money, keys, and all those receipts you forget to throw away! Some purses come with removable straps, but most straps can be adjusted to 26 inches in length up to 62 inches. 

Save the Girls handbags are a must to add to your collection!  Ask QVC, Good Morning America, or Lori Greiner, they'd agree! Save the Girls has the best handbags and they give to a great cause!