Spread and Smell the LOVE! - Continue Good Candles

We LOVE Continue Good Candles. Continue Good is a local company in Kansas City that makes and sells candles with a mission! Each candle has a unique scent and encouraging message. Continue Good focuses on spreading kindness to one another! Their candles include ways you can brighten up someone's day with cute messages like, "Continue good by planning a special picnic for someone" and "Continue good by bringing a meal or pie to someone going through a hard time".

Another amazing part about this company is 10% of sales are donated to Exodus Road. Exodus Road is an organization that fights against human trafficking. Exodus Road offers programs to educate communities, train in search and rescue, and utilize techniques to help survivors. Here at Simply Threads, we love finding ways to partner with businesses like Continue Good to give to causes dear to our hearts. Continue Good introduces new scents frequently and we have an array of their scents and fun collections; like Kansas City themed candles that will have you feeling like you're at Kauffman or Arrowhead Stadium!

If you plan to purchase a candle that promotes kindness, or already have, here's some tips to ensure your candle gets the best out of it's life!

- Continue Good uses wooden wicks, it is important that you trim the wick prior to each burn

- The first time you burn your candle only burn it for a maximum of 1 hour, every other burn, do not exceed 3-4 hours at a time

- Before each new burn, break off the burnt tip of the wick

- When lighting your candle, tilt the candle toward the match or lighter and allow the match or lighter flame to burn wick for 5 seconds